Is Terrorism Only Muslim?

Terrorism may be described as the violent actions which are done in order to terrorize particular targeted populations and governmental authorities to attain religious, political and economic aims. Nonetheless, experts posit that no definition has been agreed upon which can be used internationally to describe terrorism universally. Oxford, Merriam-Webster, and other dictionaries and encyclopedias offer definite description of the word terrorism but scholars and experts on the studies of terrorism and counter terrorism shudder to ratify those definitions. So, terrorism is still left to evolve. Terrorism, in today’s time, can be defined as the use of unauthorized violence against non combatants in order to achieve desired political outcomes.

Historically, Terrorism is not a new phenomenon. The word terrorism has been used in preceding centuries for describing terrorism activity, but in other words. The experts on studies of terrorism and counter terrorism opine that terrorism is not a new phenomenon. It has lived pari passu human history. The actions that define terrorism, have been committed since time immemorial. The word terrorism appeared recently but the attributes and qualifications to reach its intensity  are recurring in human history. The violence had deleterious effects on the human history which includes events like ruthless killings, targeted large masses killings and killings of high profile politicians, militias, organized-crime organizations, separatist violent movements, bloody revolutions and wars, no concept of human rights which led to the infringement of the basic human rights in those days etc.

The international scene regarding terrorism is portrayed just terrorism is predominantly anti western. Is it true? There lie great spectrum and questions to classify and answer. A difference is found in maintenance of opinions of scholars and governmental authorities. It is meant that the governmental authorities frame the propaganda to assert the influence on the individual’s perceptions. The public figures and politicians frame that terrorism is predominantly anti western. The President Bush stated:

“Americans are asking, why do they hate us? They hate what they see right here in this chamber. A democratically elected government. Their leaders are self appointed they hate our freedoms. Our freedom of religion, our freedom speech, our freedom to vote and assemble and disagree with each other.”

This statement in 2001 gave impression that terrorism is predominantly Muslim and anti western. But this is not true. Proof is given here under. Let us consider the facts and statistics of which countries are highly affected by the terrorism. According to the Global Terrorism Index – Most Affected Countries by terrorism are following:

1 Iraq 10.00
2 Afghanistan 9.23
3 Nigeria 9.21
4 Pakistan 9.07

It is evident by the above list  that the countries which are most affected by terrorism are Muslim countries and Muslim populations are beheaded by the terrorism. The terrorist groups that live in Islamic countries, beheading Muslim populations on daily basis, ousting them from their homes and infringing very basic human rights are branded Islamic terrorism and terrorists in the west. The idea that west is the target of terrorism is sheer inaccurate.

Are Muslims only Terrorist? Let us look at the facts to answer this question.

Muslims population in the world: 1.6 Billion  (Pew Research Center, 2014).

The adherents of the Terrorist organization Al Qaida that collapsed the World trade center, were created by the United States of America (Evidence: Reagan Doctrine and USA indulgance in Afghanistan in 1979) to fight and collapse USSR, are only handful self-proclaimed Muslims. Is it accurate to call Muslims terrorists for the sake of handful Muslim terrorist organizations? Non-Muslims make up the majority of terrorists in the United States: According to the FBI, 94% of terrorist attacks carried out in the United States from 1980 to 2005 have been by non-Muslims. This means that an American terrorist suspect is over nine times more likely to be a non-Muslim than a Muslim.

All 51 Islamic countries central councils have issued fatwas that person who kills innocents is not a Muslim. The fatwas claim that terrorist, if Muslims previously, are discarded of Islam once they vow to shed innocent blood. The religion, to which terrorist organization pledge, discards them; how entire world is ready to blame the very religious group to be the terrorist?

In the world, there are many other terrorist organizations other than those self-proclaimed Muslims. The example of KKK (Ku Klux Klan) in the United States of America is the most prominent. KKK emerged right after Cvil War in 1865. It has emerged, collapsed and remerged. KKK is a racist movement, that opposed the supermacy of the blacks over whites. From 1865 to 2016, KKK is responsible for mass murdering and killings in the United States of America.

Naxalites in India are another example. Naxalide areas are claimed as its state. Naxalites collect taxes from the private businesses in naxalide areas (which is extortion in a sense). Every year heavy casualties multiply in Naxalide areas (exccept last year 2015).

Aum Shrinkriyo is a japanese doomsday cult who is accused for the Tokyo Subway Sarin attack in 1995 and another smaller attack last year. The attacks resulted in injured person’s disability, blindness, post-traumatic disorder and killings of many at the spot.

The LTTE (Liberation Tiger of Tamil Eelam – in Sri Lanka) was a secessionist terrorist organization that aimed at creation of a homeland for Tamils at north and east of Sri lanka.  The LTTE handled a well-developed military wings ( Tigers (infantry), Sea Tigers (sea wing) and Air Tigers (Air Wing) carried out many high-profile attacks, including the attacks on several high-ranking Sri Lankan and Indian politicians. The LTTE has been the only militant group to assassinate two world leaders: former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi in 1991 and Sri Lankan President Ranasinghe Premadasa in 1993. This group introduced women usage in attacks and warfare, and innovated suicide belts, use of light aircraft in some of its attacks.

Following is a chart that depicts the death tolls caused by terrorism:


There has also been gravest violent acts in the history which were not carried out by Muslims. They include World War 1 atrocities, world war II destruction, holocaust, Falun Gong and its followers mass murdering, Khmer Rouge destruction etcetra. The dominant Non Muslim history’s mass murderers names, who have been responsible of mass murdering, are A- Mao Stu Sting (People’s repulic of China – 1940-60), B- Joseph Stalin (1940-30 Sovient Union), C-Pol Pot (Khmer Rouge Cambodia – 1970-80), D- Genghis Khan (He was not a Muslim but a Mongol – 13th century),E- Adolf Eichmen (Right-hand man of Hitler, responsible for Jewish holocaust), F- Adolf Hitler (Gernman national socialism – 1931-45).

In Europe, there have been over one thousand terrorist attacks in Europe in the past five years. Muslim share to this one thousand is only 2%.  A study carried out by the University of North Carolina showed that less than 0.0002% of Americans killed since 9/11 were killed by Muslims. Based on these numbers, and those of the statistics by FBI, Americans are more likely to suffer death by Non-Muslims.

Summing up, we can conclude that terrorism is neither predominantly anti western nor Muslim. Terrorism do not belong the religion of Islam. Muslims are not perpetrators of the mass murdering of people around the globe rather they are themselves victims of the terrorism with highest numbers of causalities and death numbers, daily suicide bombings, bomb blasting, target killings, terrorized and threatened surroundings etc. Terrorism is not new phenomenon and it has existed with different names pari passu human history. Terrorism is, by no means, Muslim.


When Life Hands you Lemons, Make a Lemonade

The making lemonade out of lemons is a phrase which denotes optimism and can-do attitude in times of crisis. At a point in life, the courage gets trapped by the cowardice, exhilaration by the melancholy and optimism by pessimism. The people of great resistance, fortitude and resilience make it to another end fighting and striding with the problem. The Lemonades are just lemons in tough times to be inspired and re energized within.

A post got instantly viral on facebook. A lady, clad in black burqa and white hijab, was seen planting flowers. The uniqueness of the situation was that the lady was a Palestinian and she planted the flowers into the bomb shells which were dropped in their neighborhood by the Israeli troops. It is understood by the idea that why the bomb shells were dropped. Nonetheless, the lady grew beautiful colorful fresh flowers plentifully. It is a point to ponder upon. These utmost levels of positive attitude, valour, mettle had made her sow seeds into the shell which were dropped to eliminate her.

The warriors, legends, inventors, great authors of bestsellers, political leaders who died fighting for humanity and making a change did not attain that glorified position easily. They all fought to situations that compressed them into abundant crisis. For example, the founding fathers of America lived as commodities of the British crown unless they fought revolutionary war (1775-1783). The founding fathers are praised to be the founders of the superpower United States of America. They dealt constitutional drafting, administrative flaws, confederation to federation issues etc meticulously. The USA was extracted from the lemons as the lemonade by their prolonged successful efforts.

Making lemonade from lemons is also about never giving up hopes. Giving up hope extinguishes the last rays of the hope which are always able of inflaming the success and triumph. Psychologically, issues depresses us. The stress, depression, paranoia, anxiety, disorders happen to the victim. They are inevitable in crisis time. Their degree vary person to person. Only hope and willingness can heal the person out of problem psychologically. The recovery of mental illness require will power and hope. These two can go magic together. These are the kit of the survival of the fittest.

In a nutshell, when a Palestinian women in whose country janaza namaz are led on daily basis have a lot of pluck to plant flowers in bomb shells, can’t we have last quarter of her courage to lead our lives in this spirit avoiding all the negativity? The legends, inventors and explorers have bestowed us this modern life ease which we enjoy, can’t we be thankful enough to utilize their can-do attitude to fulfill our daily life duties and help ourselves in becoming vigilant and responsible citizens? So, problems are just fuels to live life more lively, freshly and anew. Problems make us realize the importance of peace and trivia in our life. If there were no problems, there would be no strong person.The problems teach us how to deal with life and its different stages. The times of crisis is a noble time that gives the opportunity to the man to make lemonade out of lemons. 

Muhammad Ali: RIP

I slept last night making dua for Muhammad Ali when I saw a post on Facebook that his health was deteriorating. I woke up to the saddest news that he has passed away. His interviews flashed in front of my eyes in which he talked about life and the hereafter. His religious belief made him fight until his last breath.

I do not possess the courage to watch his videos when he suffered from the Parkinson’s disease and shook. I can not see a legend shaking. It jolts me within insides. It sends shivers to my spine. I am being a bit too emotional but that’s how I truly feel about it.

Every legend, every political figure who voices righteous concerns in the favour of the common mass and posits arguments against the ‘controlled world affairs frame’ (the picture that we see about the international issues and affairs, the set stances in which public around the globe frames their opinion) they get beheaded, put to jail, houses arrested and silenced like Muhammad Ali. This is the history of legends around the globe. Muhammad Ali is matched with the Martin Luther King and how he was assassinated too. The country I live in (Pakistan), this is the conventional tradition of the political system. Every political figure who voices against establishment is trialed, put to jail, confined, executed, silenced, exiled, beheaded and assassinated. The famous case is Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. He was executed on false charges and illicitly. In short, that has been the tradition around the globe of burring the legends alive.

A charismatic personality like Muhammad Ali, his rhetoric, his behaviour, his morale, his way of communication and his stances made him distinct in billions. We have lost a legend back in 80s when he was diagnosed mild dementia pugilistica – a condition common among boxers and later deadly Parkinson’s. There are claims that Ali was injected with MTPT methyl phenyl tetrahydropyrinide (MPTP) by the Nixon and Johnson administrations. True or untrue, the sadness of the Ali’s demise has left us with a heavy heart.

You have not known us but you have had a great impact on all of us. You have been my inspiration in my worst times. Rest in peace, Muhammad Ali the Legend. May Allah SWT gather us in Jannah, aameen.


International Women’s Day 2016

I see the helplessness, compulsion, dependence converting into self assertiveness, persuasion and independence. The bridge between unaware-dependent-gal and aware-independent-gal is being filled right now in the Pakistani Society. There is so much going on in the society. The best of the best going on is women working and understanding their position in the workplace. The credit goes to men as well. Women haven’t rotten their family lives and just working, it is their brothers and fathers assisting them in their decisions and empowering them to work.

Almost every gal is going to university and joining work field thereafter. The unemployment does not only create hurdles in the career of men’s only now. Now unemployment has its enmity in the ways of the women’s as well.

Girls are becoming independent in a good way. I reckon having boyfriends, partying late, going against parents, not being friendly anymore can in no way be the independence. They might be the symptoms of the depression or mental illness but that is no independence and emancipation for women. Emancipation for women, I reckon, is the ability and independence of taking decisions regarding their lives, choosing what to wear (of course, taking in view what is right and wrong), making friends (of course not friends with benefits; what seems to be when feminists describe emancipation of the women.). I am not in favour of feminism and I am never against feminism. I reside somewhere there as believer of the rights and duties which Islam confers upon women. Personally and officially, I believe that Islam is complete code of life. It offers and has every solution to every problem no matter how complex it sounds. Every problem has its solutions within Islam only.

Historically, Pakistan has such rich history of Pakistani women developing Pakistan and Pakistani women’s rights. Presently, Pakistani women are making nation very proud of themselves. Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy winning Oscar seconds time has made the nation very proud of herself compelling everyone to acknowledge the other smaller side of Pakistan in which women is in very destitute condition. Yes, there is a side of Pakistan in which lawlessness prevails. Women’s rights are trampled. Women are only objectification and objects for men. Government and Non governmental organisations are taking steps to tackle these problems vehemently and enthusiastically.

I wish every women in the world 8th March, the day celebrated for the acknowledgement of their rights and celebrations of being a women. Happy International Women’s Day 2016, ladies!


The unpredictability of life

Life is very beautiful. Everything about life is elegant. The breaths, the sighs, the walking, the movement of eyes, the movement of feelings, the movement of ears, the movement of hearts and the potentialities to think and write are things that we take for granted by every breath. These little things make life so beautiful. You sit beautifully, you walk elegantly, you talk smartly, you hear carefully, you think wisely, you write wonderfully, you read joyfully and so many things alike keep life so fresh and unpredictable.

Life is everything. It has lessons, it has ups and downs, it has adventures, it has celebrations, it has its own time of relaxations, it pauses then it plays, it forwards itself then rewinds, it makes human live it fully through the unpredictable conditions and situations that it brings.

The unpredictability of life is not only when someone is down in the dumps. It does not only befalls us. It does make us rise and shine. The unpredictability of life can happen in the best of the moments showering smiles, excitement, motivation, happiness, joys, satisfaction, contentment, etc. The unpredictability of life is so mesmerizing that it fills ours hearts with liveliness and fresh air.

Sometimes, the unpredictability gets you done the right job in the time when you are not expecting it. Likewise, the unpredictability erases your mistakes and tells you to rewrite the chapter itself. The unpredictability rebuilds the roads and tells you to walk on them firmly once more. The unpredictability makes you love and live life even more.

I reached a turn in my life where I left there was no way that I could come out. I closed my eyes and whispered prays in my heart. I was relieved of the pain and stress I was compressing myself into. The beautiful unpredictability of the life by the grace of Allah SWT reached me and I live life fully and satisfied. These unpredictable conditions are so beautiful that you fall in love with life. We all grown ups have experienced these conditions and know how helpless we fall at times and rising seems the most difficult task to do. Then, at the time we rise and promise ourselves not to fall again. These situations makes our way through the life.

So, whenever you feel like life is torturing you, take a deep sigh and sit back. Life will make you see another angle to it. If life touches you, think of it pleasantly. Life has its downs. In the deep down, you will find it more interesting to consider in life. Many topics, many things, many unimportant angles, many unpleasant junctures, many undesired conditions, many conflicted situations and many weirdest pauses estranges and befalls you initially but it will make you look at your life as intelligibly beautiful. Love whatever it gives you.


I Heart PSL<3

PSL is the abbreviation form of Pakistan Super League. It has been created in 2015. The Pakistan Super League is a professional Twenty20 cricket franchise league in Pakistan. Its Headquartered in Lahore. The PSL is the major professional cricket league in Pakistan. It has 5 member clubs.

PSL is a professional cricket league in nature but it is more than that to Pakistani cricket lovers. The PSL had spread the liveliness everywhere in Pakistan. Pakistani cricket lovers have filled the internet with memes about league, its players, their performance, the victors, the losers, the sixers, the fours, the passion, the gratitude, the harmony between member clubs, the friendliness among the opposing captains and players, everything about PSL is the party to Pakistan cricket lovers.

Every match of PSL is breathtaking. Every catch of PSL has been heart-wrenching. Every four in PSL has ensued among the dances, joyful screaming of the crowd and jumps of the audience in the stadium. PSL has filled the enthusiasts with the joy that we had seen never before. It had brought us a different kind of happiness to the national feelings we possess. I am not exaggerating at all. PSL has done all this most certainly.

The most amazing thing about PSL is that there is no rivalry among the member clubs. The captains of the member clubs are the players in national cricket team resulting in the most amicable environment. The players and captains greet and felicitate each other after each play. Though two players had an assault in the pitch but later they officially apologized each other. These sentiments make the PSL one of a kind.

Another amazing thing about PSL is that the coaches, captains and the players are seem very emotionally attached to their performance. The scenes that displayed on TV when Darren Sammy was run out in the important playoff match, he was seen crying. In the same match, Sir Vivian Richards was seen emotionally disturbed in the last over the match for his team and jumped right after that when team made it to the finals in the very same match. PSL is all about passion. The passion had made PSL very popular and made it to the hearts of the Pakistani Cricket lovers.

PSL is all about the highest quality cricket. Every catch, every fielding, every bowling and every batting had been of the highest quality during the matches.

I have supported Peshawar Zalmis. They have played fantastically during the match and gave us entertainment throughout the matches. They were defeated by the 2nd qualifiers of the finale. Today is the Finale. After Zalmis, I support the Quetta Gladiators. I congratulate the winner in advance. We all wait for PSL till next year.


Equality is Inherent!

In our society today, I see settled superior and inferior positions. Most individuals desire superiority as a result while indulging themselves in a task. Competition is a recent phenomenon as we can see it. Society has been divided into most talented and less talented people. But does talent determine the superiority and inferiority tags on people?

There are two kinds of knowledge and skills we are imparted. The knowledge and skills for survival and propagation are prerequisite for the formation of life. The knowledge and skills transmitted by education are collectively called the culture of a human being. So, former is built in knowledge and latter is a learned knowledge. Today, competitions designate the superiority and inferiority certificates to the participants which in return divides the society into winners and losers. The question arises: Is it necessary to divide people into winners and losers? Many would agree that competition is not prerequisite to progress, development and stability of the individual minds. Arrangement of competition invite rivalry and resentment more than healthy competition objective intended. Few things aren’t just inadequate because they’re done to excess; few things are prevailing destruction inherently. Competition, which simply means that one person can succeed only if fellow beings fail, is one of those things. Competition does not define the winners, I reckon. The trouble lies with competition itself. The best amount of competition for everyone is none at all. The healthy competition is a contradiction term itself. It may be said that it is an extreme view but competition serves nothing but failures to everyone in the competition except one person.

The relationships I cherish, the home I have, the threads woven clothes which I wear, the water I consume, the colors I see, the grain I intake or the breath I inhale are all things which every human being does and possess. Every entity on this planet Earth have these things. The nature has provided everyone with certain rights and values equally. By virtue of natural law giveaways, the equality prevails over everyone. That is why, competitions can not snatch away the equality of human being.

There are many questions which we should ask. So Where do we excel to superiority? Do I excel to superiority when I cook the recipe in the best way? Or was it that the ingredients turn out the recipe into divine bites or swallows? Or were the farmers perfectly trained in sowing the seeds into the soil? Or the oil company provided with best quality? WHO is to be appreciated and given medals? There is always a chain that follows everything we do today. Without the best input of the other human or field, the global village would shutter down in a blink of an eye. No one is superior. Everyone is equal.

To sustain a life, there are some requirements. These requirements are water, food and air. One has to work their butt off to earn these requirements. Today, if some do not have these requirements in excess are poor and those who possess these requirements in excess are rich. But where does the doctrine lie that those who possess these requirements in excess have superiority over those who does not possess them in excess? Surely, there is no such doctrine. And the fact is deducted that rich are in no way superior to poor. Excess of food or cloth does not designate the person superior over other.

The You gets exposed to death in an accident or so just like any other human being. What then would help you sustaining the pride you are giving rise to? Your pride dies with you. Pride is a negative energy. How about prevailing positive energy of thankfulness and equality in your life? The death might stop giving you impression an end to your pride. The death might start seeming a beginning in itself.

Ethically a human being is in no way subject to humiliation. The situations, conditions or position of a human being would deteriorate but he is in no way a lesser object than any other human being. The equality prevails over Everyone. Anything can change or be altered in the human being life but the status of equality can not be snatched away.

Unexpected Turns – Naveeda Shaikh

I wrote it before 2 years! Happy reading it after 2 years.

Pakistani English

Unexpected turns estranges us only within blowing up our every wealth of emotions we accumulate for so long. Unexpected turns are areas of life that I shudder to judge or make any opinion about. Nonetheless I reckon unexpected turns are always healthier for life. In the beginning, we feel odd while dealing with streets we tend to be given at unexpected turns. We shiver at trying new things. We talk and walk newly subtracting every moment we lived before; I think that’s the reason why cheaters/betrayers in life are so much loathed.

Any cheater would do nothing but subtract moments of happiness from the next person’s life, who live it with full honesty, enthusiasm of living up to conditions and situations, the rainbow colors of lively promises at the heart and the beautifying rays of love in life, but a betrayer is only cheating the person and passing time with…

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Another Black Day

Pakistan is a very beautiful country with green landscapes, golden deserts, breathtaking valleys, mountains, dry deserts of Sindh, islands and seas and green fields. Every landscape is pure and serene, bathed in blood of innocent citizens and martyrdom of soldiers. Every ‘scenery’ that we citizens see is ‘Pakistani’ due to the bravery and sacrifices of the best men and women recruited in army, naval and air forces. My salutations to them and their families; those who bear the grave sorrows and emptiness entire life.

We are a nation who have stood the worst times. The most grievous and sorrowful event happened on 16-12-14. The Sixteen-twelve is a black day in the history of Pakistan. The little dreams travelled to the APS Peshawar and were erased there with the gunshots by animals who wore skin of the human being. 148 dreams settled down in coffins and were buried in graveyards. The entire nation felt broken and crooked. Not only our hearts were heavy but our souls were shattered. 16-12-15 refreshes the scars of our hearts. We hadn’t forgotten this event till now that today another event of the same kind took place. Bacha khan university was attacked by 10 terrorists in which 25 persons have made their journey to the afterlife this morning. Another Black Day happened in the history of Pakistan. Thanks to the Allah swt less casualties have been reported til now.

I woke up around 11:00 am. The volume of television was unusually loud. I went to drawing room and stood shocked reading headlines. All I could do was to pray for victims, their families, martyrs and their families.

This is another effort of terrorist to disable us towards progress and development. They want to instil dread and terror in our souls which they would never accomplish. We are a brave nation. We have stood the testing times since our inception. The military coups, the political persecution and civil war began the breakdown of the country. The military coups and democracy strife wasn’t enough  that the terrorists organizations entered into the scenario. They kept terrorizing entire Pakistan in which 50,000 innocent citizens have died. The conditions of Pakistan have deteriorated since 9/11 2001. The blasts on mosques and Imam Bargahs, the killings of politicians, the blasts in busy areas of larger cities of Pakistan, abduction of children and later involving them in terrorists organizations are one of those events which had determined us to counter terrorism even more enthusiastically. Zarb e Azab was waged against these animals and it has proved to be the best revenge.


The surprising visit of Indian Prime Minister to Pakistan and then Pathankot airbase attack which resulted in daunting debates in Indian media channels wherein the accusations were hurled towards Pakistan including threats to avenge Pakistan of it led to the attacks in Pakistan. Those attacks in series count today’s Bacha Khan University attack. Death to the terrorists and ‘perpetrators’!

The Pakistani nation has tolerated all the times with great endurance which has resulted in great vow of counterterrorism. Pakistan and Pakistani nation is an exemplary result in counterterrorism studies around the globe. I’m proud of my nation.

HBD the Loveliest Annie

There are many relations that we live. Some relations connect with heart. Some relations are connected with us by blood. Some relations we choose to make. Few happen to us at the time when the freshness and new presence is needed to disparage the sadness. Such is the relation of mine and mine soul Sister’s. “This relation is equivalent to any blood relation,” testifies the heart.

I wish Annie lots of wishes on her birthday, lots of happiness, love, care and joys. I love you Annie, very much.

It had been five years since we met yet the freshness of our sisterhood stays as lovable as it was back then. We both have been to hell and back in these years. She wiped mine and I her when the time was troubled. We both bullied time and made our stars fight for us. Annie is my whole and sole pillar of support. She knows what’s going on in my life literally and what’s keeping me low and sad. The same way I know hers. I have been gifted by Allah swt the sweetest and loveliest sister Annie.

Annie loves solo travelling, climbing, hiking, living in wilderness and all the sports. On the other hand, I’m opposite. I like to live in one place, gather memories and live by them. We both are quite different. Allah swt has made us like real sisters. Sisters are at north and south poles yet they share a bond which is their moral support, emotional support and psychological support. I would not have survived my tough times if she had not been complaining about cold in Gilgit and thus making me feel much comfortable in very warm Karachi. Hehe

To me, she is the most beautiful person I’ve met inside and out. She is very quick and intelligent. She is what a guy dreams for! But hey you have to pass that check process arrangedby me to get her. Whooa! I’m quite possessive for her as an elder sister.

We love to cook together. We bake pizzas, brownies, pretzels and others. I cook a recipe, and tell her. She cook and asks me. What wonderful times we are gonna have when we will cook lasagna and Apple pie.

Once again a very happy birthday to you, my love. I tried to write a few line’s poetry for you. I hope you like them:

We are soul sisters who share
Love and care
Lends hand to each other when
Troubled and shattered
Being different from each other but
share the satisfaction and smiles
We are the soul sisters who share
Love and care