Warmth of Moments in Winter

Winter is a nostalgia crossing whom becomes unbearable to the breathes and memories; which it carries in its cold pores around. Every season has a unique smell of memories, laughter, cries, tears, heart-wrenching realities which heart recognizes and warmth of good moments works like a blanket rescuing from the bitterness of cold memorial pores of winter.

Sipping tea, eating food, laying in bed and working on assignments, i.e. daily activities, has an significance laid which reaches the inner heart vibrating memories of good and sad moments.

Sad moments, in my experience, occurred in December in my life. December occupies a difficult position. Whenever it reaches me, I ask myself: “Are you ready?”. What follows is leaps from the last year demise of hope into incoming struggle of living a day peacefully without interference of heart and mind, and a struggle which involves the hardening and stiffening of the parts of heart which feel nonetheless of all demises it is challenged by.

Good moments of winter, which are sparkles of footsteps to be followed on a struggle of invigoration of heart and mind, function like a warm blanket rescuing heart from the bitterness and sourness of the winter. Winter is not always bad. Sometimes, it equips with the tools that are helpful in mending the soul, reconstructing the walls of the heart and its tissues and calming down the mind, and its recurring storm of questions and suspicions. Not everything about winter is worst. These are skills and tools which make winter loved, maybe. Winter has a unique quality of remaining cold, just like heart, when it gets injured, distressed and suffers pangs of pain inside heart.

Winter is reminder and remainder of the good and bad memories. Winter is as cold as the injured heart and broken mind. The fatigue of the heart and restlessness of the mind is metaphor of winter in my memories. It has always broken and amended parts of me in its cold days and nights imparting greater charters of life. winter is bearable.  When it grows unbearable, it makes us learn to live the unbearable in the most elegant manner. Winter is all a person live by. Winter is good and bad memories.


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