A Chai Wala and the All Gaga About Him

Chai Wala

A chai wala (Tea vendor) was usually making a tea in his shop when a photographer passing by took his pic and made him a star being featured on twitter, news channels, international news channels etc overnight.

His overnight fame has propelled many Pakistanis who are grumbling about his normal camera picture in the opposition to his DSLR Viral Picture. It is in no way a considerable fact. It is because, in the modelling where plastic surgeries and Botox are top priorities, he is a perfect in his looks, without professionally done photo shoot, without make up and without directions of how to look at camera. He did it all himself. Still, complains about his perceived-bad-looks are being heard.

As soon as, he became a sensation in the social media networks he was hired by fashion agency, taken interviews and came live on the national news channels. This is sheer his luck that took him to such height in less than 24 hours. It does not end here. Indian media, whose government is on journey of isolating us from the world, has praised this Chai Wala while referring how Indian girls are going gaga over his looks and rendering him more handsome than the limelight hunks of Bollywood. If relations with India were not marked by tensions, Bollywood directors must have finalized him for movies.

Social Media has become the most important platform for promotions and interactions of celebrity with their fans. Social media can be beneficial as well as harmful for a person’s reputation. Social media plays a vital role in Public Opinion formation now. Social media propaganda ends up being the most effective and influential. Social media, for example, has ruined the careers of many including Aamir Liaquat, Meera, Laila and many other Indian actors also whose leaked videos lowered their fame. It is being hoped that this Chai Wala’s overnight fame turns out to be in his good and bring about best times in his life.

This Chai Wala has reached a pinnacle of his career till now since his picture became viral. Personally, it astonishes how a picture captured through a camera has changed the fate of a poverty ridden guy who, despite of a thousands opportunities for education in the capital, makes tea in Itwar Bazaar and earns his living. All it can be said is that modelling is a venture and may he make the best decisions for himself in his career.


The Smile that Sails through Sea of difficulties

The smile is so beautiful that has sailed through the oceans of uncertainty, difficulties, numerous bleak days, thousands moments of loud heartbeats, questioning eyes of everyone, disability of understanding things accurately due to the stress and anxiety, inability to talk to the mind and heart etc. The smiles that bring the numb existence of a person into the lively existence bit by bit. That smile is so beautiful that has sailed through the difficulties.

Unhappiness and failure has a connection that dumps man into the darkest hours of life. Unhappiness extracts all the hope out of a man, and lets him be drunk into the societies of hopelessness, bleakness, dullness, uncertainties, darkness etc in the mind. Externally, the man seems to be nervous and dull loosing all the charm of his personality. Internally, he looses the strings of the hopes he yields to rise upon. Upon loosing the very strings that he prepares since years, he gets into entirely a different personality that exists in dullness and hopelessness.Unhappiness and failure has a reciprocal impact on the man.

The smile on the lips stays silent. Smile struggles through astonishment and amazement of the path which is purely painful in its every essence no matter how much enlightenment it sows in our souls. Day to day seems like a struggle to hike the journey upon. Every work and duty seems like onerous jobs. Morning to nights seems like a laborious, burdensome, strenuous, awkward and heavy. It shifts from laborious to burdensome, from strenuous to heavy in every moment. Living in the moments are difficult when making life less difficult and bearable. The smiles becomes oppressive with passing days that involve oppression and trouble for the soul.

This is the arduous as well as enlightening part of the life. There are a very few persons who choose unhappiness over happiness. Most smiles make it to the shore of seas of the difficulties. Dwelling in hopelessness, dullness, uncertainty and darkness builds up the soul with the bricks of fortitude, mettle, bravery, courage, the skills to live every pain with smiles and constructs the insides of the person into the most beautiful wings that can fly in every storm. It is said that for a rainbow to appear, there has to be a rain. Rainbow is very beautiful once it appears in our souls. Its spectrum installs the wings that can not be dislodged by any attitude of the people around.

It depends on every person how long he takes to reach the show of the sea of the difficulties. Every person has their own paths and roads to achievements. But when it reaches, it seems like the most beautiful gift of the life. Reaching a shore with a fortified soul, inability of people to affect the feelings and emotions of person, is the most beautiful feelings that is felt on a major success.

In the conclusion to every smile of the soul to reach a shore, it requires an inner voice. Everything ensues into positive. Everyone is beautiful. Everything is good and understandable. Your own soul becomes reflection of patience and tolerance. The smile is so beautiful that sails through the seas of difficulties, and shines.