Muhammad Ali: RIP

I slept last night making dua for Muhammad Ali when I saw a post on Facebook that his health was deteriorating. I woke up to the saddest news that he has passed away. His interviews flashed in front of my eyes in which he talked about life and the hereafter. His religious belief made him fight until his last breath.

I do not possess the courage to watch his videos when he suffered from the Parkinson’s disease and shook. I can not see a legend shaking. It jolts me within insides. It sends shivers to my spine. I am being a bit too emotional but that’s how I truly feel about it.

Every legend, every political figure who voices righteous concerns in the favour of the common mass and posits arguments against the ‘controlled world affairs frame’ (the picture that we see about the international issues and affairs, the set stances in which public around the globe frames their opinion) they get beheaded, put to jail, houses arrested and silenced like Muhammad Ali. This is the history of legends around the globe. Muhammad Ali is matched with the Martin Luther King and how he was assassinated too. The country I live in (Pakistan), this is the conventional tradition of the political system. Every political figure who voices against establishment is trialed, put to jail, confined, executed, silenced, exiled, beheaded and assassinated. The famous case is Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. He was executed on false charges and illicitly. In short, that has been the tradition around the globe of burring the legends alive.

A charismatic personality like Muhammad Ali, his rhetoric, his behaviour, his morale, his way of communication and his stances made him distinct in billions. We have lost a legend back in 80s when he was diagnosed mild dementia pugilistica – a condition common among boxers and later deadly Parkinson’s. There are claims that Ali was injected with MTPT methyl phenyl tetrahydropyrinide (MPTP) by the Nixon and Johnson administrations. True or untrue, the sadness of the Ali’s demise has left us with a heavy heart.

You have not known us but you have had a great impact on all of us. You have been my inspiration in my worst times. Rest in peace, Muhammad Ali the Legend. May Allah SWT gather us in Jannah, aameen.



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