When Life Hands you Lemons, Make a Lemonade

The making lemonade out of lemons is a phrase which denotes optimism and can-do attitude in times of crisis. At a point in life, the courage gets trapped by the cowardice, exhilaration by the melancholy and optimism by pessimism. The people of great resistance, fortitude and resilience make it to another end fighting and striding with the problem. The Lemonades are just lemons in tough times to be inspired and re energized within.

A post got instantly viral on facebook. A lady, clad in black burqa and white hijab, was seen planting flowers. The uniqueness of the situation was that the lady was a Palestinian and she planted the flowers into the bomb shells which were dropped in their neighborhood by the Israeli troops. It is understood by the idea that why the bomb shells were dropped. Nonetheless, the lady grew beautiful colorful fresh flowers plentifully. It is a point to ponder upon. These utmost levels of positive attitude, valour, mettle had made her sow seeds into the shell which were dropped to eliminate her.

The warriors, legends, inventors, great authors of bestsellers, political leaders who died fighting for humanity and making a change did not attain that glorified position easily. They all fought to situations that compressed them into abundant crisis. For example, the founding fathers of America lived as commodities of the British crown unless they fought revolutionary war (1775-1783). The founding fathers are praised to be the founders of the superpower United States of America. They dealt constitutional drafting, administrative flaws, confederation to federation issues etc meticulously. The USA was extracted from the lemons as the lemonade by their prolonged successful efforts.

Making lemonade from lemons is also about never giving up hopes. Giving up hope extinguishes the last rays of the hope which are always able of inflaming the success and triumph. Psychologically, issues depresses us. The stress, depression, paranoia, anxiety, disorders happen to the victim. They are inevitable in crisis time. Their degree vary person to person. Only hope and willingness can heal the person out of problem psychologically. The recovery of mental illness require will power and hope. These two can go magic together. These are the kit of the survival of the fittest.

In a nutshell, when a Palestinian women in whose country janaza namaz are led on daily basis have a lot of pluck to plant flowers in bomb shells, can’t we have last quarter of her courage to lead our lives in this spirit avoiding all the negativity? The legends, inventors and explorers have bestowed us this modern life ease which we enjoy, can’t we be thankful enough to utilize their can-do attitude to fulfill our daily life duties and help ourselves in becoming vigilant and responsible citizens? So, problems are just fuels to live life more lively, freshly and anew. Problems make us realize the importance of peace and trivia in our life. If there were no problems, there would be no strong person.The problems teach us how to deal with life and its different stages. The times of crisis is a noble time that gives the opportunity to the man to make lemonade out of lemons. 


Muhammad Ali: RIP

I slept last night making dua for Muhammad Ali when I saw a post on Facebook that his health was deteriorating. I woke up to the saddest news that he has passed away. His interviews flashed in front of my eyes in which he talked about life and the hereafter. His religious belief made him fight until his last breath.

I do not possess the courage to watch his videos when he suffered from the Parkinson’s disease and shook. I can not see a legend shaking. It jolts me within insides. It sends shivers to my spine. I am being a bit too emotional but that’s how I truly feel about it.

Every legend, every political figure who voices righteous concerns in the favour of the common mass and posits arguments against the ‘controlled world affairs frame’ (the picture that we see about the international issues and affairs, the set stances in which public around the globe frames their opinion) they get beheaded, put to jail, houses arrested and silenced like Muhammad Ali. This is the history of legends around the globe. Muhammad Ali is matched with the Martin Luther King and how he was assassinated too. The country I live in (Pakistan), this is the conventional tradition of the political system. Every political figure who voices against establishment is trialed, put to jail, confined, executed, silenced, exiled, beheaded and assassinated. The famous case is Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. He was executed on false charges and illicitly. In short, that has been the tradition around the globe of burring the legends alive.

A charismatic personality like Muhammad Ali, his rhetoric, his behaviour, his morale, his way of communication and his stances made him distinct in billions. We have lost a legend back in 80s when he was diagnosed mild dementia pugilistica – a condition common among boxers and later deadly Parkinson’s. There are claims that Ali was injected with MTPT methyl phenyl tetrahydropyrinide (MPTP) by the Nixon and Johnson administrations. True or untrue, the sadness of the Ali’s demise has left us with a heavy heart.

You have not known us but you have had a great impact on all of us. You have been my inspiration in my worst times. Rest in peace, Muhammad Ali the Legend. May Allah SWT gather us in Jannah, aameen.