The unpredictability of life

Life is very beautiful. Everything about life is elegant. The breaths, the sighs, the walking, the movement of eyes, the movement of feelings, the movement of ears, the movement of hearts and the potentialities to think and write are things that we take for granted by every breath. These little things make life so beautiful. You sit beautifully, you walk elegantly, you talk smartly, you hear carefully, you think wisely, you write wonderfully, you read joyfully and so many things alike keep life so fresh and unpredictable.

Life is everything. It has lessons, it has ups and downs, it has adventures, it has celebrations, it has its own time of relaxations, it pauses then it plays, it forwards itself then rewinds, it makes human live it fully through the unpredictable conditions and situations that it brings.

The unpredictability of life is not only when someone is down in the dumps. It does not only befalls us. It does make us rise and shine. The unpredictability of life can happen in the best of the moments showering smiles, excitement, motivation, happiness, joys, satisfaction, contentment, etc. The unpredictability of life is so mesmerizing that it fills ours hearts with liveliness and fresh air.

Sometimes, the unpredictability gets you done the right job in the time when you are not expecting it. Likewise, the unpredictability erases your mistakes and tells you to rewrite the chapter itself. The unpredictability rebuilds the roads and tells you to walk on them firmly once more. The unpredictability makes you love and live life even more.

I reached a turn in my life where I left there was no way that I could come out. I closed my eyes and whispered prays in my heart. I was relieved of the pain and stress I was compressing myself into. The beautiful unpredictability of the life by the grace of Allah SWT reached me and I live life fully and satisfied. These unpredictable conditions are so beautiful that you fall in love with life. We all grown ups have experienced these conditions and know how helpless we fall at times and rising seems the most difficult task to do. Then, at the time we rise and promise ourselves not to fall again. These situations makes our way through the life.

So, whenever you feel like life is torturing you, take a deep sigh and sit back. Life will make you see another angle to it. If life touches you, think of it pleasantly. Life has its downs. In the deep down, you will find it more interesting to consider in life. Many topics, many things, many unimportant angles, many unpleasant junctures, many undesired conditions, many conflicted situations and many weirdest pauses estranges and befalls you initially but it will make you look at your life as intelligibly beautiful. Love whatever it gives you.



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