International Women’s Day 2016

I see the helplessness, compulsion, dependence converting into self assertiveness, persuasion and independence. The bridge between unaware-dependent-gal and aware-independent-gal is being filled right now in the Pakistani Society. There is so much going on in the society. The best of the best going on is women working and understanding their position in the workplace. The credit goes to men as well. Women haven’t rotten their family lives and just working, it is their brothers and fathers assisting them in their decisions and empowering them to work.

Almost every gal is going to university and joining work field thereafter. The unemployment does not only create hurdles in the career of men’s only now. Now unemployment has its enmity in the ways of the women’s as well.

Girls are becoming independent in a good way. I reckon having boyfriends, partying late, going against parents, not being friendly anymore can in no way be the independence. They might be the symptoms of the depression or mental illness but that is no independence and emancipation for women. Emancipation for women, I reckon, is the ability and independence of taking decisions regarding their lives, choosing what to wear (of course, taking in view what is right and wrong), making friends (of course not friends with benefits; what seems to be when feminists describe emancipation of the women.). I am not in favour of feminism and I am never against feminism. I reside somewhere there as believer of the rights and duties which Islam confers upon women. Personally and officially, I believe that Islam is complete code of life. It offers and has every solution to every problem no matter how complex it sounds. Every problem has its solutions within Islam only.

Historically, Pakistan has such rich history of Pakistani women developing Pakistan and Pakistani women’s rights. Presently, Pakistani women are making nation very proud of themselves. Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy winning Oscar seconds time has made the nation very proud of herself compelling everyone to acknowledge the other smaller side of Pakistan in which women is in very destitute condition. Yes, there is a side of Pakistan in which lawlessness prevails. Women’s rights are trampled. Women are only objectification and objects for men. Government and Non governmental organisations are taking steps to tackle these problems vehemently and enthusiastically.

I wish every women in the world 8th March, the day celebrated for the acknowledgement of their rights and celebrations of being a women. Happy International Women’s Day 2016, ladies!



4 thoughts on “International Women’s Day 2016

  1. Nida Fatima

    I am proud to be a Pakistani woman. I love the atmosphere in my school & circle.I hope every girl gets education in Pakistan. Happy woman`s day to you too.


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