I Heart PSL<3

PSL is the abbreviation form of Pakistan Super League. It has been created in 2015. The Pakistan Super League is a professional Twenty20 cricket franchise league in Pakistan. Its Headquartered in Lahore. The PSL is the major professional cricket league in Pakistan. It has 5 member clubs.

PSL is a professional cricket league in nature but it is more than that to Pakistani cricket lovers. The PSL had spread the liveliness everywhere in Pakistan. Pakistani cricket lovers have filled the internet with memes about league, its players, their performance, the victors, the losers, the sixers, the fours, the passion, the gratitude, the harmony between member clubs, the friendliness among the opposing captains and players, everything about PSL is the party to Pakistan cricket lovers.

Every match of PSL is breathtaking. Every catch of PSL has been heart-wrenching. Every four in PSL has ensued among the dances, joyful screaming of the crowd and jumps of the audience in the stadium. PSL has filled the enthusiasts with the joy that we had seen never before. It had brought us a different kind of happiness to the national feelings we possess. I am not exaggerating at all. PSL has done all this most certainly.

The most amazing thing about PSL is that there is no rivalry among the member clubs. The captains of the member clubs are the players in national cricket team resulting in the most amicable environment. The players and captains greet and felicitate each other after each play. Though two players had an assault in the pitch but later they officially apologized each other. These sentiments make the PSL one of a kind.

Another amazing thing about PSL is that the coaches, captains and the players are seem very emotionally attached to their performance. The scenes that displayed on TV when Darren Sammy was run out in the important playoff match, he was seen crying. In the same match, Sir Vivian Richards was seen emotionally disturbed in the last over the match for his team and jumped right after that when team made it to the finals in the very same match. PSL is all about passion. The passion had made PSL very popular and made it to the hearts of the Pakistani Cricket lovers.

PSL is all about the highest quality cricket. Every catch, every fielding, every bowling and every batting had been of the highest quality during the matches.

I have supported Peshawar Zalmis. They have played fantastically during the match and gave us entertainment throughout the matches. They were defeated by the 2nd qualifiers of the finale. Today is the Finale. After Zalmis, I support the Quetta Gladiators. I congratulate the winner in advance. We all wait for PSL till next year.



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