Another Black Day

Pakistan is a very beautiful country with green landscapes, golden deserts, breathtaking valleys, mountains, dry deserts of Sindh, islands and seas and green fields. Every landscape is pure and serene, bathed in blood of innocent citizens and martyrdom of soldiers. Every ‘scenery’ that we citizens see is ‘Pakistani’ due to the bravery and sacrifices of the best men and women recruited in army, naval and air forces. My salutations to them and their families; those who bear the grave sorrows and emptiness entire life.

We are a nation who have stood the worst times. The most grievous and sorrowful event happened on 16-12-14. The Sixteen-twelve is a black day in the history of Pakistan. The little dreams travelled to the APS Peshawar and were erased there with the gunshots by animals who wore skin of the human being. 148 dreams settled down in coffins and were buried in graveyards. The entire nation felt broken and crooked. Not only our hearts were heavy but our souls were shattered. 16-12-15 refreshes the scars of our hearts. We hadn’t forgotten this event till now that today another event of the same kind took place. Bacha khan university was attacked by 10 terrorists in which 25 persons have made their journey to the afterlife this morning. Another Black Day happened in the history of Pakistan. Thanks to the Allah swt less casualties have been reported til now.

I woke up around 11:00 am. The volume of television was unusually loud. I went to drawing room and stood shocked reading headlines. All I could do was to pray for victims, their families, martyrs and their families.

This is another effort of terrorist to disable us towards progress and development. They want to instil dread and terror in our souls which they would never accomplish. We are a brave nation. We have stood the testing times since our inception. The military coups, the political persecution and civil war began the breakdown of the country. The military coups and democracy strife wasn’t enough  that the terrorists organizations entered into the scenario. They kept terrorizing entire Pakistan in which 50,000 innocent citizens have died. The conditions of Pakistan have deteriorated since 9/11 2001. The blasts on mosques and Imam Bargahs, the killings of politicians, the blasts in busy areas of larger cities of Pakistan, abduction of children and later involving them in terrorists organizations are one of those events which had determined us to counter terrorism even more enthusiastically. Zarb e Azab was waged against these animals and it has proved to be the best revenge.


The surprising visit of Indian Prime Minister to Pakistan and then Pathankot airbase attack which resulted in daunting debates in Indian media channels wherein the accusations were hurled towards Pakistan including threats to avenge Pakistan of it led to the attacks in Pakistan. Those attacks in series count today’s Bacha Khan University attack. Death to the terrorists and ‘perpetrators’!

The Pakistani nation has tolerated all the times with great endurance which has resulted in great vow of counterterrorism. Pakistan and Pakistani nation is an exemplary result in counterterrorism studies around the globe. I’m proud of my nation.


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