Equality is Inherent!

In our society today, I see settled superior and inferior positions. Most individuals desire superiority as a result while indulging themselves in a task. Competition is a recent phenomenon as we can see it. Society has been divided into most talented and less talented people. But does talent determine the superiority and inferiority tags on people?

There are two kinds of knowledge and skills we are imparted. The knowledge and skills for survival and propagation are prerequisite for the formation of life. The knowledge and skills transmitted by education are collectively called the culture of a human being. So, former is built in knowledge and latter is a learned knowledge. Today, competitions designate the superiority and inferiority certificates to the participants which in return divides the society into winners and losers. The question arises: Is it necessary to divide people into winners and losers? Many would agree that competition is not prerequisite to progress, development and stability of the individual minds. Arrangement of competition invite rivalry and resentment more than healthy competition objective intended. Few things aren’t just inadequate because they’re done to excess; few things are prevailing destruction inherently. Competition, which simply means that one person can succeed only if fellow beings fail, is one of those things. Competition does not define the winners, I reckon. The trouble lies with competition itself. The best amount of competition for everyone is none at all. The healthy competition is a contradiction term itself. It may be said that it is an extreme view but competition serves nothing but failures to everyone in the competition except one person.

The relationships I cherish, the home I have, the threads woven clothes which I wear, the water I consume, the colors I see, the grain I intake or the breath I inhale are all things which every human being does and possess. Every entity on this planet Earth have these things. The nature has provided everyone with certain rights and values equally. By virtue of natural law giveaways, the equality prevails over everyone. That is why, competitions can not snatch away the equality of human being.

There are many questions which we should ask. So Where do we excel to superiority? Do I excel to superiority when I cook the recipe in the best way? Or was it that the ingredients turn out the recipe into divine bites or swallows? Or were the farmers perfectly trained in sowing the seeds into the soil? Or the oil company provided with best quality? WHO is to be appreciated and given medals? There is always a chain that follows everything we do today. Without the best input of the other human or field, the global village would shutter down in a blink of an eye. No one is superior. Everyone is equal.

To sustain a life, there are some requirements. These requirements are water, food and air. One has to work their butt off to earn these requirements. Today, if some do not have these requirements in excess are poor and those who possess these requirements in excess are rich. But where does the doctrine lie that those who possess these requirements in excess have superiority over those who does not possess them in excess? Surely, there is no such doctrine. And the fact is deducted that rich are in no way superior to poor. Excess of food or cloth does not designate the person superior over other.

The You gets exposed to death in an accident or so just like any other human being. What then would help you sustaining the pride you are giving rise to? Your pride dies with you. Pride is a negative energy. How about prevailing positive energy of thankfulness and equality in your life? The death might stop giving you impression an end to your pride. The death might start seeming a beginning in itself.

Ethically a human being is in no way subject to humiliation. The situations, conditions or position of a human being would deteriorate but he is in no way a lesser object than any other human being. The equality prevails over Everyone. Anything can change or be altered in the human being life but the status of equality can not be snatched away.


Unexpected Turns – Naveeda Shaikh

I wrote it before 2 years! Happy reading it after 2 years.

Pakistani English

Unexpected turns estranges us only within blowing up our every wealth of emotions we accumulate for so long. Unexpected turns are areas of life that I shudder to judge or make any opinion about. Nonetheless I reckon unexpected turns are always healthier for life. In the beginning, we feel odd while dealing with streets we tend to be given at unexpected turns. We shiver at trying new things. We talk and walk newly subtracting every moment we lived before; I think that’s the reason why cheaters/betrayers in life are so much loathed.

Any cheater would do nothing but subtract moments of happiness from the next person’s life, who live it with full honesty, enthusiasm of living up to conditions and situations, the rainbow colors of lively promises at the heart and the beautifying rays of love in life, but a betrayer is only cheating the person and passing time with…

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Another Black Day

Pakistan is a very beautiful country with green landscapes, golden deserts, breathtaking valleys, mountains, dry deserts of Sindh, islands and seas and green fields. Every landscape is pure and serene, bathed in blood of innocent citizens and martyrdom of soldiers. Every ‘scenery’ that we citizens see is ‘Pakistani’ due to the bravery and sacrifices of the best men and women recruited in army, naval and air forces. My salutations to them and their families; those who bear the grave sorrows and emptiness entire life.

We are a nation who have stood the worst times. The most grievous and sorrowful event happened on 16-12-14. The Sixteen-twelve is a black day in the history of Pakistan. The little dreams travelled to the APS Peshawar and were erased there with the gunshots by animals who wore skin of the human being. 148 dreams settled down in coffins and were buried in graveyards. The entire nation felt broken and crooked. Not only our hearts were heavy but our souls were shattered. 16-12-15 refreshes the scars of our hearts. We hadn’t forgotten this event till now that today another event of the same kind took place. Bacha khan university was attacked by 10 terrorists in which 25 persons have made their journey to the afterlife this morning. Another Black Day happened in the history of Pakistan. Thanks to the Allah swt less casualties have been reported til now.

I woke up around 11:00 am. The volume of television was unusually loud. I went to drawing room and stood shocked reading headlines. All I could do was to pray for victims, their families, martyrs and their families.

This is another effort of terrorist to disable us towards progress and development. They want to instil dread and terror in our souls which they would never accomplish. We are a brave nation. We have stood the testing times since our inception. The military coups, the political persecution and civil war began the breakdown of the country. The military coups and democracy strife wasn’t enough  that the terrorists organizations entered into the scenario. They kept terrorizing entire Pakistan in which 50,000 innocent citizens have died. The conditions of Pakistan have deteriorated since 9/11 2001. The blasts on mosques and Imam Bargahs, the killings of politicians, the blasts in busy areas of larger cities of Pakistan, abduction of children and later involving them in terrorists organizations are one of those events which had determined us to counter terrorism even more enthusiastically. Zarb e Azab was waged against these animals and it has proved to be the best revenge.


The surprising visit of Indian Prime Minister to Pakistan and then Pathankot airbase attack which resulted in daunting debates in Indian media channels wherein the accusations were hurled towards Pakistan including threats to avenge Pakistan of it led to the attacks in Pakistan. Those attacks in series count today’s Bacha Khan University attack. Death to the terrorists and ‘perpetrators’!

The Pakistani nation has tolerated all the times with great endurance which has resulted in great vow of counterterrorism. Pakistan and Pakistani nation is an exemplary result in counterterrorism studies around the globe. I’m proud of my nation.