HBD the Loveliest Annie

There are many relations that we live. Some relations connect with heart. Some relations are connected with us by blood. Some relations we choose to make. Few happen to us at the time when the freshness and new presence is needed to disparage the sadness. Such is the relation of mine and mine soul Sister’s. “This relation is equivalent to any blood relation,” testifies the heart.

I wish Annie lots of wishes on her birthday, lots of happiness, love, care and joys. I love you Annie, very much.

It had been five years since we met yet the freshness of our sisterhood stays as lovable as it was back then. We both have been to hell and back in these years. She wiped mine and I her when the time was troubled. We both bullied time and made our stars fight for us. Annie is my whole and sole pillar of support. She knows what’s going on in my life literally and what’s keeping me low and sad. The same way I know hers. I have been gifted by Allah swt the sweetest and loveliest sister Annie.

Annie loves solo travelling, climbing, hiking, living in wilderness and all the sports. On the other hand, I’m opposite. I like to live in one place, gather memories and live by them. We both are quite different. Allah swt has made us like real sisters. Sisters are at north and south poles yet they share a bond which is their moral support, emotional support and psychological support. I would not have survived my tough times if she had not been complaining about cold in Gilgit and thus making me feel much comfortable in very warm Karachi. Hehe

To me, she is the most beautiful person I’ve met inside and out. She is very quick and intelligent. She is what a guy dreams for! But hey you have to pass that check process arrangedby me to get her. Whooa! I’m quite possessive for her as an elder sister.

We love to cook together. We bake pizzas, brownies, pretzels and others. I cook a recipe, and tell her. She cook and asks me. What wonderful times we are gonna have when we will cook lasagna and Apple pie.

Once again a very happy birthday to you, my love. I tried to write a few line’s poetry for you. I hope you like them:

We are soul sisters who share
Love and care
Lends hand to each other when
Troubled and shattered
Being different from each other but
share the satisfaction and smiles
We are the soul sisters who share
Love and care