Too Many Advises a Headache

There are varieties of headaches in our lives. One of them includes the advises section we become used to. The advises are a headache because sometimes we don’t achieve them or sometimes we feel literally bored acting upon them. We end up becoming more confused of what to do and what not to. As it happens with me often times, to keep my loved ones happy with their suggestions for me, I follow their advises. At times, I am making myself look like a conservative girl by wearing their suggestions, at times I am looking for something better to eat when I cook their choices and at times I am studying a subject of their choices and reaching the deepest levels of boredom of life.

I am not saying that everyone is bored of advises. It is a phase in everyone’s life when we don’t want advises. We want to do what we want to do. Must, must not, should and should not bores us to sitting in front of tv 24/7. The way maths, science, computer science and anything like this bores me more the same way things you don’t like in this phase might bore us more, irritate us more than usual times and to cure this, just do what you want to do.

It does not affect me so much because of the moderate and good family and people around me. It does affect many fellows dangerously in their life leading to very serious problems in their life. For example, many are advised to (read: told to) from selecting a subject as a major or optional to selecting a life a partner. Narrow mindedness of the conservatives affect the youth excessively. The youth is at times told to follow the usages that are 1000 years old or are out of fashion leading to their embarrassment and feeling of depression in their life. It depends upon person to person how they take a usage or tradition; but imposing them might derange the individuals only. These depressions, embarassments and impositions are reasons of failures of youth at extent.

From the days of my school and college, I had seen many girls only doing what their parents or guardians (brothers) are expecting them to do. They had 0.00% of themselves in things they act upon. It is indeed a big crime to impose things on an individual and killing their favorites, desires, wants and might their talent that way.

Too many advises does have a positive side but that is very little. Too many advises can be very guarding but misleading too. Too many advises are a headache which can not be escaped from or erased from life itself.


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