What the People Would Say – A Baleful and Ominous Statement

I have heard so many times “What the People Would Say?” dialogue that I have grown to become rather immune to the indignation, bickering and resentment that undergoes in the my mind, veins and SOUL. I wonder why our elders do not understand that their worldviews (consisting of their “world” experiences) does not explain the “interior”, “thought process” and “destiny” of everyone.

I have come to think that our elders’ life zest, zeal, their trust, their values and their souls have been eroded by the passage of difficult time and hit hard by humiliating instances that they consider us some “toy”, and consider their “other” as the ultimate judgement on many important instances of our lives.

I am here not refuting the importance of their “yes” and “no”, but lets agree that their judgmental behavior do us more harm than good. Their judgmental behavior stop us from discussing anything with our parents, which is essentially the root causes of our personal issues these days.

Once, there was a girl laced with dreams, hopes and inspirations. She wanted to study, make most of her skills and go ahead of every other girl in the area. She was capable of competing against apt men. However, “What the People Would Say” clipped her wings, put her in the chains of “dawn to dusk exercise of cleaning, cooking and washing”. How Can You Decide Somebody’s Future Because You Do Not Want to Spend a Few Pennies?

Once, I saw a little boy, who had a great many achievements attached on his “To-Do-List.” The list was made in an astonishing clear manner, and he intended to achieve everything marked on the list. Unfortunately, the child was compelled to leave his studies and work in a little age to support the finances of the family. What a dilemma that is, uff! The family did not utilize the women power, and broke the dream of the child saying “What the People Would Say?”

Once, I saw an elder person walking the dog on the street. Behind him was running his grandson. He was not stern, unsimiling and unwelcome. He did not value the child, as his pleasant behaviour would rob him off the “authority and power” that he exerts in his house. Now, “What People Would Say?” Why not “What People Would Say?”

When you imply “What People Would Say?” on our happy events and turn them into sad moments, why not “imply what people would say” on sad moments and turn them into happy moments? AAH! Yes, nobody should interfere, eh? Oh, ok. We get it.

Why here you get it only? Why not get it there as well?

Once, I saw a girl taking a slap from an elderly man on the street – oh, what an insult that was. Of the girl? Or of the men? Whatever the girl did, elderly men had no right to raise his hands on an adult – whether she was the daughter or not. I am too revolutionary? yes, I am too revolutionary and pensive than you idiots who watch traditional melodramas 24/7 to realize the beauty of their culture and society, how about your own views? Getting shaped by dramas or food that you eat? PLEASE THINK AND RISE.

We can defeat “What People Would Say” only when we THINK. There is no other solution. Everyone educates from a prestigious university, and says “What People Would Say?”. So, education is no solution. Literates and illiterates use it alike to either revenge another person or use their authority on another person IN THE MEANEST WAY. Please. Think. Over Everything That Happens Around. Do get angry, do shout and do the talking. It is your job, you have the tongue!

What is right and wrong?

Just because God empowers you superiority in everything over me so you can determine rightness and wrong-ness of an action?

Moments have broken me always.

Words have wounded me always, always an always.

Eyes, filled with anger, suspicion, intentions of mental torture and psychological pressurizing, are the worst eyes of the world. Do people, who use such eyes to induce their wrong opinions and decisions upon others, and influence others, know how much next person is harmed?

I often sit and wonder, what do people get by influencing others?

I can bet myself 100% that God Allah. who has created this entire universe, is not arrogant and snob like people who are just an inch or 100 inch above me in any way.

In life, whenever I had not wanted a thing to happen, that same thing happened at the wrongest time I had imagined. Just smooth perfection lies in bringing about the wrong things at the wrongest times. And when I begged for a thing to happen at the rightest times, it never happened. Just never happened. Why? Yes, I hold a right to ask at least. Because I take these breathes, I live the pain, wounds, vulnerabilities, suspicions, mental torture, psychological pressurizing, cuts, blazes, burns – anything worst that life has to offer.

Everything about life is difficult, cumbersome and burdensome.

I have seemed to fail every battle, because I know fighting them will not make me a winner. Simply, it is not my battle at all.

I have seemed to fail every examination, because I know passing it will put me into a lot more examinations. Why should I suffer the examinations of the nature?

You have seemed to fail the expectations of the nature. And yet, you have passed everything worldly.

I have failed every battle and exam, because I hold onto the stars. I did not want to trade for shimmers.

Maybe, my stars will make me shine brightest and high one day. And till that day, you will run out of your shimmers.

I wonder, what is wrong in this supposedly right world? And what is right in this actually wrong world? People consider an action/intention/work/energy/event right because of their supposed intention. People consider an action, intention or work wrong because of their supposed intention or benefit to be derived out of it. So, what is wrong and what is right?

Politics is out of home. What is in the home? Politics? Politics has spread so much in the world that it had entered the doorsteps of the home, or it initiated in the home, and spread into the world toxin it.

Nothing is wrong and right. You have to make your own wrong and your own right. So, make sure what you make wrong does not affect another person’s life tremendously. And what you make right should affect another person tremendously. You are part of the society, you matter to each and every bit of the society.

Can Rains Talk?

Tiny Little Droplets!

I wonder if those tiny little droplets have the ability to talk. They are very talkative to me. They wash away my worries and tensions in matter of few seconds. I see them making circles, hear their soothing sounds as they break when they touch the soil and smell their earthly smell.

Rains talk to the soul as if soul had known it. Maybe, our soul becomes friends of rains since our childhood, and we had not known. I think, my soul is friends with rains since rains which is why it washes away everything blurred, stark, different, varied, strange and complicated scarred on me.

Maybe, those souls who have not befriended rains, cannot talk to rains or vice versa.

Rains cannot wait for your words to initiate the talk, rather it breaks the silence when its first droplet reaches surface, and splashes. The conversation is long at times, and at times, it lasts few minutes. For some unfortunate cities, it also lasts a few seconds.

Rains do not do any tantrums, it keeps talking as a friend and soothes the soul. It brings me closer myself, my own soul, my own dreams, my own self of times memorable, my unbroken self and unshattered self. It brings me back pieces of me through its conversations that were lost and unknown.

Rains do talk to me in long details, asking me how I am doing and why I am doing so. Do they talk to you? Do they relieve you of your worries?! I hope that it does, and it asks you, it relieves you and it keeps talking to you throughout the year.

If you are connected to nature, you are not strayed. If you are not connected to the nature, please find your roots! Without nature, how can you live?

How World Attention to YouTube Has Changed Advertising

Traditionally, family sat in a drawing room, watched a favorite drama or a number of dramas, chatted a bit, laughed, discussed, argued and wept together. Then, as world became modern and individuality was emphasized, a single television for a single room idea began, and was followed everywhere. Privacy was ensured, and joint sitting became extinct. Now, this has gone to become a single Smartphone for a single person.

This development has shifted the advertisement targets too. Now, very few people sit and watch dramas on channels, for advertisements are a headache on the television – that being the primary reason. Other reasons may include the privacy, unavailability of time, preferences etc. Following this change in approach towards viewership of entertainment industry, the advertisement industry target has changed as well.

Traditionally, YouTube was preferred because it let people watch dramas in a go. There were no advertisements, no wait or no delay in watching full drama in a sitting. This has been challenged with stupid and moronic approach of advertisement industry in the YouTube and other video streaming websites. All the products campaigns are run in YouTube now. It has become a place for advertisements, less for viewing a drama in one go or COMFORTABLY ADD-LESS DRAMAS.

I personally have a huge problem with advertisements when I play videos in YouTube. Now, it has worsened to include “1 of 2 ads” ” 1 of 3 ads” and such multiples ads to play, and must skip them in 5 seconds or sometimes more.

I understand that people are playing ads on YouTuber videos, and they are earning from the monetized videos. But, these all must run under a system where viewers are not irritated, and they must be kept comfortable in experiencing YouTube.

What seems more disturbing and alarming is class stratification may become apparent in YouTube Video Viewing as well. Some, who may afford, will watch add-less videos, and others will be forced to watch and skip their ads for watching a drama or song or any such video.

There are going to be ‘isms’ which will be given birth in YouTube. There must be rules for advertisements in YouTube. Full 4 minutes videos, 5 minutes videos, skipping time, all videos inserted an add must follow some rules. These rules must be conducted by national authorities, who will monitor and inspect the site for the compliance as well. This is getting out of control. Attention towards YouTube must not invite meaningless and stupid advertisements.

How Pak Marines Saved Us in a Desert from a Gloomy fate!

Picnics, outings and excursions are the ways to enjoy friendship, relationship of friends, its bond and a deep affection that we hold for each other. We plan them every now and then to eat outdoors, have a break, enjoy the warm sunshine, and have fun in a free time. In the year 2018, we planned to go to a beach. It took us a few minutes to decide our excursion destination as our one friend, named Usman, made us see the picture of a cave, covered by layers of rock and adjoined by a large roaring beautiful sea in a desert of Balochistan. We all agreed in a flash.


Our destination was set, our planning was done and we were ready to embark on our journey. We were thirty friends – our group is called babazzz. We had been together since our school time, so the enjoyment of an outing is doubled with such companionship.


We took everything with us required for a stay of a night. We crossed borders between Sindh and Balochistan, and entered in a province that is chaotic and a place of ongoing disturbing occurrences. It is strange today how borders separate our beings today, and thus, we belong to a particular land today only.

The moment we reached our destination, the Sapat Beach. We lost track, about to go further a few miles on road ahead. The wind was blowing heavily in the desert, and we saw a car approaching us. Our heartbeat rose, as we had known about the emancipatory movements working in the province. We told our Punjabi friends to pretend as Sindhis. But however, fate made us meet with a battalion headed by a great human being, who helped us through our problems in that place very much. We all laugh on this incident always together. Ha! These supportive, helping, encouraging and caring people guided us to our destination, which was a few kilometers inside from the highway. They made us settle down, helped us and reassured us their presence in that remotely silenced place.


We enjoyed whole night, danced on beats, ate tikkas and biryani, gulped down the Cola and Pepsi. It started raining, so the Captain and his team provided us with a generator and mats for the night.


We all dozed off in the cave, and slept peacefully waking up to a disastrous morning. We woke up, saw 4 and half a kilometer muddy track in front of us. The sea had risen from its point towards us as well. It does not rain in deserts, but it poured heavily that night and now yes, officially we were stuck in a desert’s muddy track, and cherry on the top was we parked the bus near we stayed! We were almost 20 kilometers inside in a desert from the highway. We all stood amazed, worried and conflicted on how to push the bus outside this muddy track. It was showtime now!

As Allah opens door before he closes another, He sent us soldier’s angels during our distressed and anguished time. The Captain and soldiers were soldier’s angels who supported us, comforted us, took care of us, encouraged us to push the bus and provided us with food, water and tea. Their hospitality was great, greater and greatest part of our experience in the disastrous desert. The same morning, captain came and said: “Don’t worry. We will push the bus it together.”

Center: Captain (Blue Shirt)

The Captain took the charge, and helped us push the bus through the muddy track a great deal. They were to much encouraging and caring that we pray for their well-being today too. They asked us to let them communicate with our distressed families, and they comforted our families, and thus we escaped any bad incidence. The Captain’s discipline and organised behaviour impressed us very much, and it was because of his disciplined nature that we had pushed the bus almost to the end of the muddy track, but in the meanwhile our four friends misbehaved with the captain, and left alone in the desert. Despite our friends misbehaviour in the evening, Captain did not leave us all. As the morning had reached the night, Captain took us to his fort. He made us stay in a different camp, a bit far from their main camp. No civilian is allowed to stay in their camps. The moment, we laid our back on the mattresses, we all slept sound after a full day of pushing the bus and worrying.

The Captain woke us up, and offered us dinner for 26 people. They showed us great hospitality, and won our hearts for forever. In the morning, they prepared breakfast for us, which included a peculiar dish of Sweet Rice. We enjoyed the Sweet Rice very much. The whole soldier’s angels and Captain played football with us. Later, our friends, who had left earlier, brought tractor. Soldiers used shovel, made the track for the bus easier to cross. In the meanwhile, the bus’s engine had ceased too. We relied solely on the Captain. By the afternoon, we had reached the end of the muddy track and tractor dragged the bus to the highway, mechanics checked the engine and Bus was ready to take us back to our homes.

We survived one and a half day in a muddy, endangered and disastrous desert through the help of the Great and The Most Hospitable Captain and his team, who drove us through all the problematic situations and events smoothly and swiftly. They comforted us emotionally as well, encouraging us, saying: “Bus, thorha aur rehta hai.”

Dear Sir Captain, we will always remain your fan and grateful for your hospitality. The desert was friendly with us, because you made friends with us. We thank you for your efforts for us, my group will always appreciate you for your enthusiasm and determination.

A Letter to My Problems

My Room,

Writing on my Laptop

In a house where I dream

Karachi, Pakistan

21 October, 2018

Dear My Problems,

It is dearly stated that I am really tired of your appearance in my life once and again. Leave me alone for once and all. If you do not listen to me properly, I will put my efforts in right directions and then you will have to 9211 yourself. If you are offended with my misbehavior, please get offended and send some good moments and happiness in my life. As when you disturb a person, they send their enemy to that person. Please, send your opposites (happiness, smiles, laughter etc) to my address, that I have mentioned at the right hand of this letter as soon as possible.

I know you will miss me as you have been ruining my everyday life for quite a few years. Please, go and bury yourself somewhere else in the soil of this planet Earth and leave my room, my house and my dreams. They should be left alone for proper growth and growth of happiness and smiles in their vicinity.

Kindly, listen to my pleas.

Thank You.

Yours very truly,

Naveeda Shaikh


The saying owes its origin to the great English poet Pope who says:

A little learning is a dangerous thing:

Drink deep, or taste not the Perian spring

The shallow draughts intoxicate the rain,

and drinking largely sobers again

As it is evident from the meaning of the saying is that shallow knowledge is very dangerous. as empty vessels sound much, so a man with a smattering of knowledge often poses as a scholar and talks haughtily with all and sundry. Thus, he does not only makes himself an object of annoyance but becomes a danger to the society he lives in. For example, if such a man goes to an interview for a pious job of a teacher, he may get through the interview process with his shallow knowledge. However, he may, at this next stage, endanger the futures of his student or spoil their grades. Another example may be a bad financial advise of such a person, a bad suggestion for a career or a bad influence on peers etc…

But the man who has drunk deep at the fountain of knowledge is sober and reticent. He is polite in manners, civil in talks and humble in bearing. knowledge is beneficial to man when it is thorough and clear. But a man who is ill-informed does more harm than good. If, for example, the task of piloting a plane is taken up by a novice the fate of the crew and the passengers is a foregone conclusion. Dangerous again is he who haughtily takes upon himself the task of driving machines engine without knowing how even to handle them.

“Fools”, says Pope, “rush in where angels fear to tread.” An ill-informed man will pose to be a great scholar in subjects in which even erudite scholars hesitate to offer their opinion. His scant knowledge coupled with his tall talks makes him extremely odious and his company is shunned by one and all. He is just like a small frog living and croaking in a pond and taking it to be as vast and limitless as the ocean.

A little learning is thus a dangerous thing.

Bandages help heal soon…

Bandages are made of material known to their maker/manufacturer, however their effects on the human soil are of healing and attenuation.

A cut blows human skin, bandage is quickly spread on the skin in order to heal the skin of its wound, and soften the skin as it was before the cuts were blown. Bandages have healing properties, that help heal the wounds sooner.

Likewise, there remains damages and wounds on the human soul. These damages and wounds are incurred by tragic events of life. The effects of these damages and wounds consists of depression, melancholy, disipiritedness, despondency and misery. These processes weaken our defense mechanism to wage war against continuously recurring failures thoughts, tiredness of the soul inside four walls of your body, strangely compressed nerves of your brain which are taking nap to work better and hopelessness, helplessness and sadness.

Between all these processes, a few of our friends, family’s members and loved ones function like a bandage. With their consistent encouraging, supportive and determined communication, we climb the ladder towards recovering. Recovery is not easy, it has its own challenges nonetheless fighting against your own nerves presents you with overall different fighting skills which are cherished for life.

Bandages can be medical, emotional, psychological and spiritual. These bandages equip us with sufficient skills to survive all different kinds of tougher stages of our lives. Bandages help heal soon…

How Telecommunication Happened?

James Clerk Maxwell, Guglielmo   Marconi and Heinrich Hertz brought about a revolution in the communication world. The revolution gave us the miracle of radio. These genius minds worked in different eras, and contributed to each other’s scientific research in one way or another.

James Clerk Maxwell opined that the speed of light waves and electric waves is same. Maxwell Equations (ME) essentially describe in a tremendous simple way how globally the electromagnetic field behaves in a general medium. The electric and the magnetic field are not independent and that’s the unforgivable discovery of Maxwell itself.

Heinrich Hertz demonstrated the theory of James Clerk Maxwell. He proved the existence of electromagnetic waves theorized by James Clerk Maxwell.

Now, it was the time for Marconi to collect all work together, and work on his invention which would change the face of the world. Guglielmo Marconi was an Italian inventor, known for his pioneering work on long-distance radio transmission and for his development of Marconi’s law and a radio telegraph system.

Marconi was inspired of a Professor Augusto Righi in the university of Bologna. He had done research on Heinrich Hertz work. As such, Marconi accomplished his research on radio device through innovating and building on the work of previous experimenters and physicists.

These inventions, including morse telegraph invention, have helped the world to connect. The radio was a commercial success too due to enormous efforts of Marconi. Radio averted ship’s collision too, and provided navy ships entertainment and NEWS of their country. Later, this practice developed into the invention of the Radar System.

Later, Baird sent pictures through the radio, and television was invented. These inventions speeded up the world.

Today, with one click we can chat with a friend who lives beyond the Atlantic ocean side, and while we are typing in a country that has Arabian sea on its shores. Today, technology has been so much developed that seconds take a NEWS to reach from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Information Technology is a blessing.

Dilemmas in Life

Decision making and choices in life are two difficult tasks to perform. At one time, you must choose from a given opportunities in a given time by the destiny. At once, you must build some good decision making skills in the long run to support your choices.

The happiness and sadness of life are two different things. The happiness is the goal of every action we take, yet we get indulged into a process which pushes us deep into the sadness and depression. Sadness usually becomes the result of the actions we perform.

The sound and emptiness are so opposite of each other. If one survives, another must die to let other thing take place of its. Sound enters our ears and emptiness goes away, here emptiness may mean the absence of sound. If there are two people, one yearns for sound and another yearns for emptiness, the choice of one person takes precedence over another and ends up terminating the possibility of the completion of one person’s desire.

It is the same way for us in our society, social institutions and our home. One things affects another.

When we look into our religious commandments for the discussion, we can find out many solutions to such dilemmas. For example:

A) Choosing a decision and decision making itself becomes alot easier when we are religious to our beliefs and faith. We are gifted with a set of rules in which right and wrong are prescribed, differentiated and proscribed. These rules enlighten our ways, and we use them as our torch for our guidance.

B) Sadness has many causes, from which supreme cause is to sadden our heart by not remembering his/her creator. Happiness becomes plausible when you keep your contact with your creator strong five times a day.

C) The dilemma of choosing between the desires of two different ambitions of two different men is solved by keeping inmind that they are equal, and they may come to a compromise or reach a mutual decision for such conflict.

The happiness and sadness of life remain very little things always. The happiness and sadness roots are deep into the soils of our souls who need to be evaluated, to be watered and to be kept clean.

That is key to the dilemmas of my life, how I solve them. You must have developed such a mechanism by now for such dilemmas in your life.


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